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Digital Sushi

Digital Sushi

On January 22nd there will be the first filmfestival of my uni: digital sushi. There some short films which were created by students will be screened. Among them is The Robbery which I made in 2003 at Creative Media, Melbourne.

The festival is located in the Conrad Sohm club, Dornbirn, Austria. Entrance time is from 8 pm and it will start at around 9 pm with a party afterwards. The cost is 5 Euros minimum, the proceeds will be distributed to Licht ins Dunkel, an organization for social projects.

So if you feel like it and you are around then, just come over. I am sure it's gonna be a nice evening. And, hey, it's the Austria - actually the Europe premiere!

Eat Drink Man Woman

Leonie and I

Having arrived from Australia life in Europe became a wedding marathon - so Yuki and me, we saw a lot within one month. Stop. Step by step:

The first week in Munich was rather slow and less sensational as it really took a whole week to get over the jetlag.

After that we were able to look around in Munich a little bit before we went on our way to Berlin for the two main reasons: first to finally meet my niece Leonie who was born in November last year while I was in Australia, and second ...

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Hühnerbrüstchen gebraten auf Gemüsenudeln und Salat

Wiesenstrasse 8, Dornbirn, AustriaThis was the dish of last Monday in the restaurant of the FH Vorarlberg, let´s see what there will be this Monday. Tomorrow I will go to Dornbirn for an introductary tutorium. And in about one week, on Sunday october 1st, I will move to the Wiesenstraße 8, which is a flat-sharing community, a WG.
School will start on october 2nd, and I´ll finally be inside. I´m curious. ( As I have some things to manage here I don´t know yet if I can continue this weblog the next days.)

And the Oscar goes to ...

OscarWow! I made it! Some minutes ago I opened a letter from FH Vorarlberg. The interview on Monday was not too good so I did not think that I would succeed. But I did. So in about 2 month on October 2nd I will start studying in Dornbirn, Austria. So get used to mail to

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