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The Rabbit

The Rabbit by Rosalie Osman

Sweet. The animation The Rabbit by Australian animator Rosalie Osman is now available online. I love it. And a very nice style, too. Thank you for letting me know about the update!

Rosalie Osman

I came across this animation showreel by Rosalie Osman. I love the style and the stories look very interesting, but there's only one film out there to watch completely: The Kitchen Drawer

I would be quite keen to see her other works:  Bibliomania and The Rabbit.

Photo Overdose

Abel Tasman National Park
Kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park on the New Zealand South Island, just a one-hour drive from Nelson, my home town in 2006.

Get your photo overdose right here on! I love the Silverstripe photo gallery module! I could finally upload a large amount of photos from the last 5 years to the new gallery section on this website in no time: about 500 photos in 19 galleries.

I know this is complete overkill, so below is a small(ish) selection.

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Going Home: Wurst-Origami für Deutschland!

Yuki and I

From 20th of August we, that is Yuki and me, are on our way to Germany via Melbourne-Singapore-Frankfurt-Munich and will arrive some time in the morning of the 21st, probably facing a nice jetlag.

For everyone who is interested in how Japanese and German culture works in combination I recommend you warmly this do-it-yourself Wurst-Origami crash course. Have fun!

To everyone I know here in Australia thank you very much - it was a great great year since I arrived on July 18th 2002! I hope we will meet sometime somewhere in the world. If you are going to come to Germany, or let´s say Europe, just let me know and we can catch up. You are all most welcome.

To everyone »back there at home«: I am looking very much forward to meet you again very soon and to enjoy the rest of the summer with you! As soon as we recovered from the flight you will probably meet us in the beergarden or at a lake or somewhere. So see you soon!

The Bayside

We, that is Yuki and me, change our accomodation from Flemington which is in the north of Melbourne to St. Kilda. We had very nice 6 months in our 2-houses-14-people shared accomodation. On February 1st we will move to a 3-bedroom appartment to the bayside. This means: a couple of minutes to St. Kilda beach and a few steps to Chappel Street, which is a nice place to go out. It´s also very close to the Astor cinema, a quite nice film theatre with a more special programme than most other cinemas, such as the triple feature Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles and Braindead which are the first three films by New Zealand director Peter Jackson. Or the double feature of Woody Allens earlie works Sleeper and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (but were afraid to ask).
From February 10 we are looking for a new sharemate. For guests: don´t hesitate to come over, we always have one bed free. (If it just was not so far away from Germany and Austria ...) So my new contact-address is:

Anatol Bogun
unit 8 / 26 Charnwood Crescent
St. Kilda, Melbourne
Victoria 3182

Talking about Peter Jackson: does anyone know Forgotten Silver? A great great mockumentary you shouldn´t miss out. 

Computers are Useless, They Just Give Answers.

That´s a graffito on a wall in Melbourne. And the most important thing I learnt here in my semester abroad in Melbourne so far. Computers are a tool to realize ideas, but not to develop them. It´s as simple as that. However, it´s the main problem of in the first place multimedia students and also of people working in other fields. The approach of assignments is completely different here. Whilst at the FH Vorarlberg in Austria most of the students started to work on the computer at once, here at RMIT in Melbourne the computer enters the stage at a very late moment. I don´t say that the Austrian uni is that bad at all (it is not), but the kind of understanding multimedia work is obvious: on the one hand the technical equipment is really great, on the other hand there is not offered a drawing course to improve (or even get into) drawing scetches. There is nothing that´s worth more in developing ideas than to roughly (and quickly) bring it to paper. Technique is more important than ideas? This is wrong. It makes us to people who just do their jobs without thinking about it. The modern assembly line designer.
What´s worth more? A perfect 3d animation with a lousy idea or a simple scetch people can laugh about? Final Fantasy or Gary Larson? Without a good idea it´s not worth to start a work. You might love your photorealistic scenery, the audience doesn´t give a shit on the technique if you bore them. And THEY are right.

Melbourne Part 2

Melbourne Panorama View

Some snapshots of Melbourne city, Flemington (the district where I live now), some people I live with and some fellow students.

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Winter´s Almost Gone

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Or so we hope. It was a really nice Sunday yesterday. Actually I wanted to go to Sydney this weekend, but we have to do a lot for next week. However, I had to find out that good intentions like 'Yes, I will work for university this weekend...' don´t differ from the very same intentions while studying in Austria. I.e: the weekend is a weekend is a weekend is a weekend is a weekend... I still have a lot of things to do.

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