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The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

A fantastic silhouette-style steampunk animation by Antony Lucas. In terms of the visual style of the animation I really like the fusion of 2d and 'unobtrusive' 3d style. It reflects the theme of the futuristic yet nostalgic and mechanical world of Jasper Morello in an ideal way.

It's quite an inspiration for my Postgraduate studies (towards a Master of Art & Design) that I started last week. Actually the mechanical ideas blend in well with my current story idea that I've been carrying around with me since end of 2008 (and which due to an incredible lack of time is still far from complete).

Lucas' animation was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA award in 2006.

I luckily discovered it through ARDEN, the Postgraduate Research Community of the School of Art & Design, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

Be Careful What You Wish For


I'm usually not the biggest fan of Flash sites but this one blew me away: Coraline

Also, the film is absolutely brilliant and it really annoys me that I missed the 3D screening in cinemas. I hope that one day I can make up for this. Perfect stop-motion animation and a beautiful dark story.

Here is the trailer.

Big White / Big Black

Hmmm ... ja! I really like this animation by Rosto: Big White / Black White

Also make sure you check out his website with much more amazing stuff like these episodes (dammit, the gears remind me of the idea I'm working on right now...)! And the music is also written by the director. It seems my new hero is Dutch.

Here is a good collection of other works.

I, Robot


I started to work on a new animation. Above is a visual test of the protagonist (see the large version). It's more than likely that the look will change completely but I somewhat like this still. It could make a good flyer as it is but the style will probably not be expressive enough for character animation.

For those who are interested in the tools: The robot above was made from scratch in the free open source software Blender, the halftone texture on the robot comes from a PyNode Script for Blender by T.K., backgrounds are put together and modified in Photoshop.

The story is complete (but I won't spoil it here). It will be a rather short animation, yet I expect it'll still take me quite a while to complete because I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit by Rosalie Osman

Sweet. The animation The Rabbit by Australian animator Rosalie Osman is now available online. I love it. And a very nice style, too. Thank you for letting me know about the update!

Rosalie Osman

I came across this animation showreel by Rosalie Osman. I love the style and the stories look very interesting, but there's only one film out there to watch completely: The Kitchen Drawer

I would be quite keen to see her other works:  Bibliomania and The Rabbit.

No Corras Tanto

A brilliant animation made with sand: No Corras Tanto by Cesar Día. Brilliant!


Muto: An amazing wall painted animation by Blu (also see Blu's Blog). Great stuff. Not much to add ...

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