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British artist Banksy: great graffiti and other art. Silly, political, pop culture or a great comment on modern life. We need more of this!


Banksy - Sale Ends Today

Sale Ends Today

Banksy - I am Your Father

... I am Your Father

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Nugob on YouTube

Some of my animations can now be found on YouTube. I put quite some effort into these short films so I thought I can as well make them avaiable to a wider public. Please enjoy!

The Robbery

Those and other short films can still be found and downloaded in Quicktime format in the animation section on this website.

I think it's really about time to make a new animation. It will take time but I really feel I want to make a new animated short film. Preferably with a different style this time; but as always: the story must be right in the first place.

Oh Happy Day!

Bush and Putin

»Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.« - from Army of Darkness

The Evil in KeRMIT

crime scene

Now what´s that? Another beamer obviously was stolen from 6th floor of our department creative media at RMIT university (piece of evidence A). But the offenders left clear marks.

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