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Freak Show

Absurd Art

How can there be such an absurd place at all? Andi´s creation above probably shouldn´t stick on the fridge door. But that´s just the top of the iceberg of the oddity collection here in my accomodation in Melbourne.  

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Rambo IV

»Wir kommen euch holen, und mit uns kommt die Wut der Hölle«.
- Charles Norwood (republican party), 15.9.2001

Come on! Are you politicians or what?

Interesting what people are concerned about right now.

Being Mike Patton

Mike PattonThe new album of Fantômas, "The Director´s Cut", is out now. You find 16 themes of movie soundtracks such as The Godfather, Cape Fear, Rosemary´s Baby or Twin Peaks in Fantômas style. Another masterpiece of Mike Patton starring Dave Lombardo (formerly Slayer), Buzz Osborne (Melvins) and Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle).

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask

Kama SootyIf you can stand it here I got something for all of you who are so eager for the knowledge your mother never told you: oral, watersport, doggy style, bondage, post coital, fur diving, spanking - just to list a few. And new: uncensored live cam! In educational respect the Teletubbies aren´t worth anything at all. Train up your child with Kama Sooty!

Why does the world need Telecondom(TM)?

Thesis: The world goes nuts. Evidence: U.S. Patent #5,717,754. Conclusion: paralogism. Consequence: still hope for mankind.
Actually it´s nearly a pity that we won´t see any people having aseptic phone calls like Douglas Adams predicted in his Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy.

Not a Sausage

Roland FaesserHere you can see Roland Faesser, my teacher in "Lern- und Arbeitstechnik". The name is not representative for what we do in these lessons - actually we look at art slides and work for projects in small groups. So have a look at his page, there is a lot of weird stuff to be found.

Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

"Ma meeshka mow skwoz" was the last song which was played on the Mr. Bungle concert yesterday. Quite good and very strange of course (it´s another Mike Patton Project, like Fantômas). However, Fantômas was better.

Amenaza al Mundo

Mike PattonYesterday I was on a great concert of Fantômas. I think when you were not at the concert you can´t understand why I think it´s great. Today I heard that the songs are even played "sight-read". Fantômas is a project by Mike Patton (see picture), singer of Mr. Bungle and Faith no more.

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