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No Corras Tanto

A brilliant animation made with sand: No Corras Tanto by Cesar Día. Brilliant!

Sesame Street Rocks!

"A-one and a-two and a-chicka booma chick!"


No Regrets

Rage Against the Machine live

Last Friday the list of things to do in my lifetime just became one item shorter. Having missed a Rage Against the Machine concert in Munich quite a few years back (with heavy regrets) shortly before the group disbanded in 2000 (I was unconsolable) I now had the chance to see re-united Rage Against the Machine live at the Big Day Out festival in Auckland. Rage was the main reason to go to the festival and hell, it was well worth seeing them performing all the great old songs from Testify, Bombtrack, Know Your Enemy, Bullet in the Head, Vietnow, Freedom, Township Rebellion, etc... to a great finale with Killing in the Name Of.

If there is ever a next time and they don't disband quickly again I would probably go to a Rage Against the Machine only concert.

One more word about the Big Day Out in general: having been to great Open Air festivals, second to none the Open Air St.Gallen in Switzerland, the Big Day Out was pretty much the bottom of the league. Why? It felt just too controlled and restricted - and it's just a one-day festival anyway. But nevertheless way better than a day at the office, that's for sure.

Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By (Cover)

For sure one of the most trashy of all covers I have, that´s what I like about Lovage by Nathaniel Merriweather (aka Dan the Automator or Del the Funky Homosapien). On songs like Anger Management Mike Patton´s voice this time adds a different note to the songs than I am used to * from projects like Fantômas, Mr. Bungle, Adult Themes for Voice, or Pranzo Oltranzista. The other lead voice is Jennifer Charles' (Elysian Fields). She, too, sounds quite different than usual, well, like Music to Make Love to: on Strangers On A Train or together with Mike Patton on Book Of The Month or Archie & Veronika. Find the difference: There is an instrumental version of Lovage with a slightly different cover. I recommend the vocal edition.
Talking about Mike Patton: Another CD I bought was Tomahawk. It´s really nice if you like the music of one of the bands above.

* never say 'than I am used to' when talking about Mike Patton

Warm Canned Beer ...

Open Air St. Gallen 2001

... can only be delicious on Open Air Festivals like Open Air St. Gallen where I will go to once again tomorrow. Last exam was today. What a perfect timing!


What´s a Negg-Negg? And how much? And where is it´s starship? The answer will soon be found surfing on the achwelle. Hopefully. Unfortunately one of the previous broadcasts upset some minds so we got troubles. Now it seems that every new broadcast will be prelistened. Let´s hope the achwelle will stay an undependent students radio without censorship.

To dwell on audio:
Our audio-project (mp3 download - 2,62 MB) for medienwerkstatt is complete (starts very quiet). It was interesting to play with pro tools.

Furthermore about one month ago I wrote a new song for guitar. As I cannot record this song right now and although I hate midi sounds, here it is: midi download, notes, notes and tablature. It´s a long time since I wrote my previous song (midi download, notes) but it´s nice to see that it still works.

Wie ich eines schönen Morgens im April das 100%ige Mädchen sah

Would there be a book having this title, wouldn´t you like to read it? I would. The author is Haruki Murakami and the book contains 9 short stories, beautiful like the title story, easygoing like "Familiensache", surreal like "TV-people" and horrible like "Das grüne Monster". Another short story collection to recommend is "Der Elefant verschwindet"

A very nice cover version of Chris Isaac´s "Wicked Game" by Pipilotti Rist which I was searching for for a long time can be found on audiogalaxy at last.

Being Mike Patton

Mike PattonThe new album of Fantômas, "The Director´s Cut", is out now. You find 16 themes of movie soundtracks such as The Godfather, Cape Fear, Rosemary´s Baby or Twin Peaks in Fantômas style. Another masterpiece of Mike Patton starring Dave Lombardo (formerly Slayer), Buzz Osborne (Melvins) and Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle).

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