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What´s a Negg-Negg? And how much? And where is it´s starship? The answer will soon be found surfing on the achwelle. Hopefully. Unfortunately one of the previous broadcasts upset some minds so we got troubles. Now it seems that every new broadcast will be prelistened. Let´s hope the achwelle will stay an undependent students radio without censorship.

To dwell on audio:
Our audio-project (mp3 download - 2,62 MB) for medienwerkstatt is complete (starts very quiet). It was interesting to play with pro tools.

Furthermore about one month ago I wrote a new song for guitar. As I cannot record this song right now and although I hate midi sounds, here it is: midi download, notes, notes and tablature. It´s a long time since I wrote my previous song (midi download, notes) but it´s nice to see that it still works.



A new project of mine is online (well, actually for about one month. I did not mention it because the url is still a temporary solution): achwelle, our students radio which broadcasts every week for about half an hour (except during vacations). If you don´t live in Vorarlberg and so you cannot receive the broadcast on Wednesdays at 22.03 pm on 98.2 MHz you should be able to download it as mp3-file or to listen to it via audio-streaming (which still seems to cause problems) in the archive. I hope you enjoy the project.

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