Shady Art from a Sunny Place

Gosh, if you are having a great time right now but you would rather be slightly depressed then go and see one of the Van Morsel/Wiseguy Productions animations. It's very interesting animated art with amazing dialogue. It sounds like audio recordings inspired by automatic writing and one wonders from what depths of the writer's unconscious it comes from. Interesting, yet deeply disturbing.

I am lucky enough to know the artist – but I won't blow his cover here. Let me just say that he lives in a town called Nelson, the most sunny place in all of New Zealand. His art can probably be best described as the opposite.

As a start I recommend Rook but there are heaps of other yet unpublished animations by Van Morsel which I hope will be available some time on YouTube or elsewhere.

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Posted by SandraChoof, 11/01/2019 8:39pm (6 days ago)

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The 27-year-old midfielder would also want to remain at a top-flight club but he had his fingers burnt during his move to Tottenham where he was a bit-part player for two seasons."The Kop ace has been in incredible form this season, helping Jurgen Klopp’s men push for a top four Premier League spot."Keep up-to-date with all the latest transfer news and gossip ahead of the January window with SunSpo.
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Are we going to have a minute?€?s silence for Fidel Castro Apparently not.Getty Images6Leighton Baines scored a late equaliser for Everton against Man UtdBut Baines made sure.
And Guardiola appears to have confirmed his intentions by leaving the 33-year-old at home for Citys Champions League first-leg qualifier against Steaua Bucharest on Tuesday.

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Hull City have won more points in their three Premier League games under Marco Silva (4) than they did in their final nine games under Mike Phelan (3)."tures, results and live match commentaryNow, according to the Mirror, the solution could come in the form of the Serie A striker."Fulham 4-1 Hull City : The Cottagers thump sorry Tigers at Craven CottageBurnley 0-1 Lincoln : Non-league Lincoln shock Premier League side Burnley at Turf Moor The Sun.
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"A 3?C3 Champions League draw with Celtic was followed by a 2?C0 Prem loss to Tottenham, before two pen.""But speaking to Chelsea’s Youtube channel, he doesn’t sound too disappointed about the way things have worked out."
Utd in 'talks with Neymar's agent over ??173m move and ??416k-a-week deal'STAT ATTACKChelsea boss Antonio Conte is the best ever Premier League manager.

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Hey. I sent a screenshot. Did you get it?

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