Australian East Coast - Part Two: Fraser Island

Fraser Island: Indian Head

If this is true Fraser Island is the hugest sand island in the world. It's quite close to the land so you get there by ferry in aproximately five minutes. As you probably don´t want to walk the 75 kilometres along the beach you should consider to take a jeep then. We did so and had three great days on the island. 

Fraser Island: 4WD on the Beach

Like this one. You can drive on the beach and through the inland. The beach is easy and fast, for the inland you need some time. It´s only sandroads and you probably get seasick more easily than on a nutshell on the ocean.

Fraser Island: Inland Track

This is the first inland track from the place where the ferry docks to the sandy beach. This was the most comfortable inland road. Wide and not too bumpy.

11 People in One Jeep

We squeezed eleven people in one jeep. Three in the front, 8 in the back. Sounds like a lot, but it worked fine. The luggage is on the roof. The main rule: the further you sit in the back the more it bumps up and down.

Fraser Island: Shipwreck

On half way on the beach you find a shipwreck.

Fraser Island: Shipwreck

It had seen better days as by the saltwater it is moldering quicky.

Fraser Island: View from the Indian Head

So after about 75 kilometres on the beach we arrived at the Indian Head, a nice lookout where we had a great view over Fraser Island. As one can see on the traces in the sand we are not the only ones who came here by car.

Fraser Island: Water and Shoes

Looking down into the water from the lookout you can in fact see a lot of animals you may be not used to. We saw two dolphins, one stingray, two turtles and a shark. So this was one more reason why we did not have a swim there. The other reason was the really strong undertow of the surf. However, there is a nice place to take a bath in the champaign pools where the waves break into a closed rockpool and makes the water look and feel like sparkling wine. No pictures, sorry. And sorry for this picture. I just couldn´t deny myself because of this and this and it´s probably not the last one in this series.

Fraser Island: Sunset on the Indian Head

Romantic, isn´t it? The Indian Head on sunset ...

Fraser Island: Indian Head before Sunrise

... and just before sunrise. I really manages to get up at 4am. Surprisingly it was not that hard. The day and night rhythm makes one feel sleepy way before midnight. It gets dark around five or six and the light again at half past four.

Fraser Island: Sunset on the Indian Head

Like on this beautiful day. It´s nothing you could catch with a snapshot.

Fraser Island: Beach

So we left the indian head again ...

Sleepy Andi in the 4WD

... to head a little bit back on the beach and go to an inland track. Maybe for someone it was too early to get up but only Andreas could manage to really fall asleep in the rocking car.

Fraser Island: Lake McKenzie

After about three hours for 16 kilometres including getting stuck in the sand we arrived at a real oasis within the rainforest. Lake McKenzie is a beautiful and perfectly clear sweetwater lake. The sand is white, the water is 98% clear so you just can open your mouth and drink a gulp. Delicious, but too warm.

Fraser Island: My Feet in Lake McKenzie

It´s better than in any bathtube.

Fraser Island: Species

And the one or another reptiles like it, too. Fortunately it´s free of crocodiles.

Fraser Island: Reptile

Just this curious one was around. Including the long tail I estimate it to be one metre in length.

Fraser Island: A Lake

We passed a few other lakes when the next day and after a nice night swim in Lake McKenzie we made our way back to the ferry. As you can see shadow was important on our 3-day-trip.

Fraser Island: The Green Inland

Through a beautiful landscape. Except that we were travelling by car here which could not be more unsuitable you feel like it looks like the Shire in The Lord Of The Rings.

Fraser Island: Panorama

A quickly done small panorama picture of Fraser Island.

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