Wow. Barack Obama's victory is a brilliant day in history. I am glad that he won with a significant lead which will hopefully keep the tensions between supporters of both parties lower. Obama will have to deal with a massive limitation of damage that his country suffered during the 'Bush era' in terms of it's international reputation – but to me he is the candidate with the by far biggest potential to give back credibility in the United States on an international stage. The only positive thing left to say about Bush is that his miserable leadership was probably necessary to make a victory like Obama's possible. It has been a long time since I could last say that I am looking forward to what will happen next in the US.

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Posted by agdgha, 13/11/2014 5:59am (6 years ago)

Posted by agdgha, 13/11/2014 5:59am (6 years ago)

Posted by agdgha, 13/11/2014 5:58am (6 years ago)

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