Great Ocean Road - Day Five: The Wonderland

Grampion National Park, Australia

On the last day of our trip we went to the Grampion national park to make a very beautiful walk to the Wonderland.

Rocks in the Grampion National Park, Australia

It was a nice but quite short walk up there.

Grampion National Park: View

With a beautiful view over the Grampion national park. Quite green, isn´t it? That´s not the typical red-earth-blue-sky look you know from outback photos from the centre of Australia.

Stone Stairs in Grampion National Park

Rock Landscape: Grampion National Park

It was a very varied way up there.

Rocks! Grampion National Park

Rock Passage in the Grampion National Park

Looks Like Melted Ice Cream: Rocks

Rocks and Greens in the Grampion National Park

Cliffhanger: Grampion National Park

Nearly at the top ...

Summiteer: Grampion National Park

Andrea: Daredevil, Grampion National Park

... with a great view ...



... on the edge.

Clouds over the Grampion National Park

My Shoes

Actually, it reminds me very much to my trip to Norway in 2000.

Rock Skid

Rock Skid #2

Feet at the Grampion National Park

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