Great Ocean Road - Day One: The Kangaroo Cliché


OK, here we are finally with this kangaroo cliché of Australia. We found the first ones on a golf course on the first day of our five day trip which lead us from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road (to the Twelve Apostels) and to the inland to the Grampions National Park.

Kangaroo Copycats

Although we were a little bit disappointed that kangaroos don´t make this "sproiiing-fump-sproiiing-fump"-sound like we know it from the comics since our childhood Kirsty and Andreas were inspired at once ...

Worried Kangaroo

... which made the one and another kangoroo shake it´s head.

Two Kangaroos

Curiosities in kangaroo-country: someone seems to be quite tired, huh

Cool Kangaroo

The Seifert Beeblebrox among kangaroos: »I am cool, just cool. My heart beats like a stone.«

Golf Course

Usually the kangaroos appear in dusk on this golf course ...

Roo Golf

... where people use to play golf. Kangaroos or not.

Beach on the Great Ocean Road

Like the name lets us suspect the Great Ocean Road is close to the sea. This was day one.

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scheisse eh mist , das is ja zum kotzen hir eh

Posted by jjdgfhhsdgfsh, 17/11/2003 5:17pm (19 years ago)

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