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Now comes to an end what started about four years ago: On Wednesday, September 22nd 2004, I had my final exam at uni, that is the presentation of my diploma thesis, it´s plea and the two courses »Human Machine Interface« and »Project Management«.

My diploma thesis is called »RALPH«. To be more precise, it is a »Manual for Character and Story Development with a Guideline for the Realization as Animation«. The bad news: it´s only in German. You can download RALPH in a printerfriendly version (low-res pictures only to keep the filesize at handy 1.3 MB).

That´s all for now, although I really have to update this page. So much happened: What about the wedding of Yuki and me? My holiday in Tokyo? My latest animation? My conclusion of four years of studies in Austria and Australia? What will happen next? All those questions will be answered soon, but I don´t have the time right now.

Stay tuned.

Digital Sushi

Digital Sushi

On January 22nd there will be the first filmfestival of my uni: digital sushi. There some short films which were created by students will be screened. Among them is The Robbery which I made in 2003 at Creative Media, Melbourne.

The festival is located in the Conrad Sohm club, Dornbirn, Austria. Entrance time is from 8 pm and it will start at around 9 pm with a party afterwards. The cost is 5 Euros minimum, the proceeds will be distributed to Licht ins Dunkel, an organization for social projects.

So if you feel like it and you are around then, just come over. I am sure it's gonna be a nice evening. And, hey, it's the Austria - actually the Europe premiere!

Computers are Useless, They Just Give Answers.

That´s a graffito on a wall in Melbourne. And the most important thing I learnt here in my semester abroad in Melbourne so far. Computers are a tool to realize ideas, but not to develop them. It´s as simple as that. However, it´s the main problem of in the first place multimedia students and also of people working in other fields. The approach of assignments is completely different here. Whilst at the FH Vorarlberg in Austria most of the students started to work on the computer at once, here at RMIT in Melbourne the computer enters the stage at a very late moment. I don´t say that the Austrian uni is that bad at all (it is not), but the kind of understanding multimedia work is obvious: on the one hand the technical equipment is really great, on the other hand there is not offered a drawing course to improve (or even get into) drawing scetches. There is nothing that´s worth more in developing ideas than to roughly (and quickly) bring it to paper. Technique is more important than ideas? This is wrong. It makes us to people who just do their jobs without thinking about it. The modern assembly line designer.
What´s worth more? A perfect 3d animation with a lousy idea or a simple scetch people can laugh about? Final Fantasy or Gary Larson? Without a good idea it´s not worth to start a work. You might love your photorealistic scenery, the audience doesn´t give a shit on the technique if you bore them. And THEY are right.

2500 Pixels of Cliché

KangarooIt´s nearly two years now that saw the light of day. This is article number 100 - which means that I am rather lazy in weblogging (you are so right). However, at the moment it seems that I have a screen overdose and I just prefer to go outside. There is no digital recipe to compare with this analogue antidepressant: ingridients: a campfire, a handful of nice people, barbecue, beer and guitars (happened so yesterday evening).

Next to which becomes 100 I become 25 years next Saturday. I did not really plan anything so far but I´m sure we will celebrate into the birthday on Friday. On Saturday there will be a beer-soccer match between the second and the fourth semester (this time also with a girl´s team). So whoever wants to visit me on May 24 or 25, set off!

Furthermore my days at the Villa are numbered. I will go to a semester abroad to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Creative Media, in Melbourne, Australia. I will leave on July 16 until January 16 2003. I am very much looking forward to this. The university is a partner institute of the FH Vorarlberg, so I saw some impressing students works. The school really looks very promising. The semester ends on November 22, so I nearly have two month left to travel around there. I bought a digital ixus for daily snapshots, so I am sure you will find a more regular logging then. I just hope that my official letter of acceptance or enrolement will arrive soon from RMIT which I need for my student visum. I am still on tenterhooks because of this. Well, that´s the latest news so far. Sorry for the kangaroo, but I did not find a better cliché for Australia.



My first 3d-animation is done. Rendering time had a maximum of about 52 minutes per frame - total 3 days of rendering. I don´t have any more time to write about it now, but if you are curious: here is the file: kubrism. Enjoy! (I am not sure if I compressed it correctly for the Mac - I will care about this next week.) Today I will go to Offenburg for a house-warming party.

The Curse of Intermedia

The following are the official reasons for the suspension of the head of my course of studies intermedia: "Antritt einer Flugreise ohne Genehmigung der Geschäftsführung, nichtkorrekte Urlaubsabbuchung, Rückzug aus den verschiedenen Fachhochschul-Gremien, Nichteinhaltung von Terminen, Desinformation seiner MitarbeiterInnen" and some other reasons. I don´t have the full survey of the situation but I did not have the impression that he identified with the course of studies he should care for. For me it seemed that he wanted to popularize intermedia external while internal problems seemed to be beneath notice. This is my opinion but I know that a lot of fellow students have the same impression. Hope this changes with the succession.

Land in Sicht

The exams for this semester are over soon (which were the reason for not logging for a long time). Tomorrow at 11.25 normality can return to life (what was that again?).
And: rumours about our head of intermedia:
seems that he was fired today. Reason: too little engagement in the course of studies. Just rumours so far, we will see.

One Step Beyond

I´m finally officially in the third semester. Today we got our marks for yesterdays reexamination in applied economics and it was positive (for every examinee). What a relief.

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