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Digital Sushi

Digital Sushi

On January 22nd there will be the first filmfestival of my uni: digital sushi. There some short films which were created by students will be screened. Among them is The Robbery which I made in 2003 at Creative Media, Melbourne.

The festival is located in the Conrad Sohm club, Dornbirn, Austria. Entrance time is from 8 pm and it will start at around 9 pm with a party afterwards. The cost is 5 Euros minimum, the proceeds will be distributed to Licht ins Dunkel, an organization for social projects.

So if you feel like it and you are around then, just come over. I am sure it's gonna be a nice evening. And, hey, it's the Austria - actually the Europe premiere!

The Robbery

The Robbery, animation

This is the protagonist of my new animation »The Robbery«. Handdrawn again, because I prefer the style to vector graphics. It was the major project here during my stay at Creative Media, RMIT university, Melbourne. The originally planned 2 1/2 minutes grew to a 5 1/2 minutes epos, however, I enjoyed the work - although, as usual, I guess I can´t see it any more for the next few months. If I got the muse then I´d like to change the voices which I am not so happy with - but I just didn´t have enough time left to do so before the due date.

Thanks to Moira Corby, Aaron McLoughlin and Felix Hude (whose advice to "drop every concept which is deep and meaningful" had quite a big influence on this work).

So, please enjoy: »The Robbery«

By the way, I shrinked the filesize of my first animation, Café IMPERIAL to much nicer 10 MB instead of the more than 20 MB before. No quality loss.

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Café IMPERIAL: animation

I finished my first (handdrawn) animation in November 2002 at Creative Media, RMIT university.
Special thanks to Felix Hude.

The story in brief: An ignoring waiter and an unfriendly customer is enough to make a situation delicious.

Now you can watch Café IMPERIAL online.

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Computers are Useless, They Just Give Answers.

That´s a graffito on a wall in Melbourne. And the most important thing I learnt here in my semester abroad in Melbourne so far. Computers are a tool to realize ideas, but not to develop them. It´s as simple as that. However, it´s the main problem of in the first place multimedia students and also of people working in other fields. The approach of assignments is completely different here. Whilst at the FH Vorarlberg in Austria most of the students started to work on the computer at once, here at RMIT in Melbourne the computer enters the stage at a very late moment. I don´t say that the Austrian uni is that bad at all (it is not), but the kind of understanding multimedia work is obvious: on the one hand the technical equipment is really great, on the other hand there is not offered a drawing course to improve (or even get into) drawing scetches. There is nothing that´s worth more in developing ideas than to roughly (and quickly) bring it to paper. Technique is more important than ideas? This is wrong. It makes us to people who just do their jobs without thinking about it. The modern assembly line designer.
What´s worth more? A perfect 3d animation with a lousy idea or a simple scetch people can laugh about? Final Fantasy or Gary Larson? Without a good idea it´s not worth to start a work. You might love your photorealistic scenery, the audience doesn´t give a shit on the technique if you bore them. And THEY are right.

Melbourne Part 2

Melbourne Panorama View

Some snapshots of Melbourne city, Flemington (the district where I live now), some people I live with and some fellow students.

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The Evil in KeRMIT

crime scene

Now what´s that? Another beamer obviously was stolen from 6th floor of our department creative media at RMIT university (piece of evidence A). But the offenders left clear marks.

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I am Angry!

Mr. FelixThis is the title of the exercise for Felix´ animation class:

»In brief:
1. Think of something you are angry at.
2. Record a 30 second tirade about the subject.
3. Bring the recording to Animation class...«

»Have courage - the object of the exercise is to look idiotic. Why? Because idiotic characters are interesting.«

»Bring the recording in to class (...). We will play them in class and laugh at each other. The person voted most ridiculous by the group will win a nice cake - supplied by me.«

Sounds easy? It is not. Not at all. It was a very hard assignment for me, really. It´s a very rare experience for me to get angry. But in the end listening to all of the tirades in class was really great fun! Just try yourselves and get angry!

Just one thing which is not so plain to me: Where´s that cake, Felix?

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Hong Kong - Airport

waiting in Hong Kong airport

Finally I received my students card and got access to the computer rooms at RMIT, so here are the first photographs from our trip to Melbourne. This one I took after about 15 hours by train and plane at the airport in Hong Kong where we had to wait another 15 hours for our flight to Melbourne.
By the way, I updated for my semester abroad so I can attach unlimited pictures to each article. There will be more pictures and text whenever an article ends with: "Read the Full Post"

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