The Robbery

The Robbery, animation

This is the protagonist of my new animation »The Robbery«. Handdrawn again, because I prefer the style to vector graphics. It was the major project here during my stay at Creative Media, RMIT university, Melbourne. The originally planned 2 1/2 minutes grew to a 5 1/2 minutes epos, however, I enjoyed the work - although, as usual, I guess I can´t see it any more for the next few months. If I got the muse then I´d like to change the voices which I am not so happy with - but I just didn´t have enough time left to do so before the due date.

Thanks to Moira Corby, Aaron McLoughlin and Felix Hude (whose advice to "drop every concept which is deep and meaningful" had quite a big influence on this work).

So, please enjoy: »The Robbery«

By the way, I shrinked the filesize of my first animation, Café IMPERIAL to much nicer 10 MB instead of the more than 20 MB before. No quality loss.

»The Robbery« screenshots and technical information:

The Robbery, animation: screenshot

filesize: 14,7 MB
length: 5' 32''
format: quicktime movie
video: Sorenson Video 3 (476x357 pixels)
audio: MP3

The Robbery, animation: screenshot

Thanks to Markus Kellow for the composed music. I enjoyed that session.

The Robbery, animation: screenshot

So far. Bye!

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