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Photo Overdose

Abel Tasman National Park
Kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park on the New Zealand South Island, just a one-hour drive from Nelson, my home town in 2006.

Get your photo overdose right here on! I love the Silverstripe photo gallery module! I could finally upload a large amount of photos from the last 5 years to the new gallery section on this website in no time: about 500 photos in 19 galleries.

I know this is complete overkill, so below is a small(ish) selection.

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For Rent: Studio Apartment in Sydney

Studio Apartment

Need a studio apartment in Sydney?

We are looking for someone to take over our apartment and furniture, etc ...

(the apartment is taken)

The apartment is located in Surry Hills, a very nice, lively district with it's very lovely and unique culture. It has a balcony, it's close to the central business district (I walk there every day), close to all shops and amenities, and the direct bus line to the beach is just around the corner.

Also, for Sydney rental prices it's a bargain ($185 per week). It is very bright and well located. You will have trouble to find something comparable for less than $200 or even above.

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Beached at Australian shores (reprise?)

Yuki and Me

So much to tell ... and still not enough time. Sorry for that. I think I have to take a whole day off in order to get this page a bit more up-to-date.

In brief: Yuki and I went back to Australia. This time it´s Sydney. At the moment we live in Kenneth Street, Tamarama, just between Bondi and Tamarama Beach. However, before you just come over and knock on my door, you should better give me a call. Everything is changing so quickly these days. For my phone number, etc., please check my contact details.

I currently work at Idatso, sharing my working hours and so with my big boss, Hans The German (they are everywhere), aka »That Huge Guy«.

Well, the latest news: I lost my long hair, I found some new glasses and currently I consider myself to be a non-smoker.

And I found some new dodgy t-shirts during our one-week stopover in Japan (if you care at all, see the picture on the right).

Of course there´s more, and of course that will have to wait once again. Sorry for that.

To be continued ...


Sydney: Opera House and Harbour Bridge

During the Easter holidays I went to Sydney for about five days (as you can see from the too obvious picture). It was a nice break for my major project which I handed in this Monday, and which was the reason for not logging, calling and writing for quite a while. Sorry for that. Well, so I went to Sydney. Basically, except the standard tour Opera House, Botanical Garden and Harbour Bridge, I concentrated on pubs, and in fact there are a lot of them. My favourite is "The Old Fitzroy Hotel" in Woolloomooloo: very comfortable, includes a small theatre, a great bistro offering delicious laksa - just a very nice and relaxed athmosphere. Unfortunately there´s a rub in it: It closes around twelve which is a shame. It would the perfect place to end an evening.

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