Sydney: Opera House and Harbour Bridge

During the Easter holidays I went to Sydney for about five days (as you can see from the too obvious picture). It was a nice break for my major project which I handed in this Monday, and which was the reason for not logging, calling and writing for quite a while. Sorry for that. Well, so I went to Sydney. Basically, except the standard tour Opera House, Botanical Garden and Harbour Bridge, I concentrated on pubs, and in fact there are a lot of them. My favourite is "The Old Fitzroy Hotel" in Woolloomooloo: very comfortable, includes a small theatre, a great bistro offering delicious laksa - just a very nice and relaxed athmosphere. Unfortunately there´s a rub in it: It closes around twelve which is a shame. It would the perfect place to end an evening.

Sydney: Skyline and Andi

Maybe Andi can be a bit stubborn and extend the Old Fitzroy´s opening times, as he decided now to stay there for about a year. Or maybe he buys it and scares the unwanted neighbours away. Who knows?

Sydney: Opera House

OK, one more of the very few pictures I made. Classical and probably taken a few billions of times. By the way: To me the opera house looks much bigger and more spectacular on pictures than in reality.

Sydney: At the Opera House

Just across, over there ...

Sydney Harbour Bridge

... you find the Harbor Bridge, which on the other hand looks much smaller on pictures than it really is. If you have a close look on the upper arc you will find some unregularities. Can you see it?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Well that´s humans, more precicely probably a bunch of leashed backpackers on their way up the bridge. It was quite rainy that day and I guess these folks already passed the point of no return.

Talking about backpackers: The day I arrived was Good Friday, and you don´t find any alcoholic drinks anywhere, so it is amazing to watch this big city crowded by unoriented backpackers looking for the last drop of beer-or-whatever. Good to see I am not alone. Finally we ended in the "Aussie Rules Social Club", and that´s not a joke but in dead earnest. Well, it´s a bit like the "Cowboys" in Rockhampton but it concentrates a bit more on the bottle than on a stupid order process. Hard to describe when you were not there. But if you´d like to play Bingo somewhere else than in your local laundrette you might probably feel at home.

Sydney: Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden. There are supposed to be at least one of each plant which was ever found in Australia.

Sydney: City View

That´s the city.

Sydney: Street Scene

And that´s ... no, not that lady, more to the centre ...

Sydney: Aldi South

.. good old German ALDI (Süd). Quite new in Australia and that you have to pay for plastic bags is quite unique and still evokes a shake of the head. Looking at the colors of the logo I now realize where I got my inspiration from for the colors of this website.

Sydney: Skyline

Well, it was a nice time. And sorry, there are just no pictures which are more interesting, but I don´t want to stick behind the lense all the time and I guess Sydney had snapshots enough. However, it is a nice city, different from Melbourne, but it´s not two different worlds like people from each city tend to describe. Sydney is a big party place, Melbourne is more relaxed, Sydney has more bushfires around and Melbourne has the worse weather. That kind of stuff. I like both, really.

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