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Once again Café Imperial and The Robbery were screened. Once again it was part of the digital sushi program which took place in the Hafenbüffet in Rorschach, Switzerland, on Friday, March 12.

Anyway, the Hafenbüffet is really worth to keep an eye on: concerts, films, theatre, readings, art, etc. in a nice athmosphere.

Digital Sushi

Digital Sushi

On January 22nd there will be the first filmfestival of my uni: digital sushi. There some short films which were created by students will be screened. Among them is The Robbery which I made in 2003 at Creative Media, Melbourne.

The festival is located in the Conrad Sohm club, Dornbirn, Austria. Entrance time is from 8 pm and it will start at around 9 pm with a party afterwards. The cost is 5 Euros minimum, the proceeds will be distributed to Licht ins Dunkel, an organization for social projects.

So if you feel like it and you are around then, just come over. I am sure it's gonna be a nice evening. And, hey, it's the Austria - actually the Europe premiere!

Melbourne International Film Festival

Animation: I´m A Star

Once again the Melbourne International Film Festival is screening a very nice and special programme of films you can´t see at the big screen usually. I went to a few of those during this 52nd festival.

The "animation shorts programme #1" showed films like the British Aardman "Presentators" (three really great characters) and "Angry Kid" (not the most secret tip), "Atama Yama" by Koji Yamamura (the story is about a man who drowns in a pond located on his own head - weird and in a very nice style) or "Penguin Parade" (too slow, too long and too predictable for me - which is too bad for all the hard work for this stop motion animation). "I´m A star" (see image above) is a rather weird Austrian animation/collage about a macholike guy who had seen better days. "Flat" is a stop motion animation about the happenings in an appartment building - I really like the style. "Mother Tongue" is a piece about a Korean girl and her lost mother tongue (nice style, but I doubt that the audience really cares about the character). "Pan With Us" is a nice experimental work based on a poem by Robert Frost in a style I have not seen before throughout a whole piece. The real environment becomes part of the aninmation, or precisely it´s the other way around: the animation becomes part of the real environment. The Russian animation "Hash" tells the story of the three little pigs including some unexpected happenings. "The Pirate" is a very nice Czech animation about a pirate whose centre of interest is the bottle (of rum) and who has to get over some adverse conditions to keep his lifestyle. Here and there a bit too long, but alltogether very nice. The animations shorts programme finished with "Mood Motions", a great piece about how hard life can be when you are an abstract. Simple, funny, good.

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Phil Mulloy animation

And this is the story how everything began, my way to Melbourne. I wrote this for the animation and animation workshop class of Mr. Felix. I am sure that it is not what he expected (or wanted?) me to write, but - to be honest - for me it was the attempt to tell a boring story in a more exciting way. So I just took him at his word: »There is no right or wrong, there is only interesting or uninteresting.« I wonder if he reads this now (Hello Felix!).
The reason for this biblical headline maybe comes from a few animation short films about the ten commandments by Phil Mulloy which I saw on the Melbourne International Film Festival yesterday. Dark British humor, but the characters in the Austrian movie »Hundstage« (dog days) by Ulrich Seidl were much worse.

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Warm Canned Beer ...

Open Air St. Gallen 2001

... can only be delicious on Open Air Festivals like Open Air St. Gallen where I will go to once again tomorrow. Last exam was today. What a perfect timing!

Morgen wird bizarre

Tomorrow we will start our trip to the Bizarre Festival near Weeze. Some sounds can be found on bizarre radio. Let´s see if it can match with Open Air St. Gallen.

Ravioli aus der Dose

»... openair SG isch eifach dr hammer!!! numä chli heiss ischääs gsi, chöit'r nid luägä dasäs z´nächst jahr wider schiffet oder zmingscht äs paar ventilatorä u ä bewässerixalag installierä...«
- guestbook

Last weekends open air festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland, was a very very great event and a perfect break after all of the exams. At 8am there was our economics test, at 1pm we opened our first beer. Tasty! Great programme, great weather, great audience. Ben Harper ( low | med | high ) and Roni Size (listen) were fantastic! I will upload some pictures soon.

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