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I am Angry!

Mr. FelixThis is the title of the exercise for Felix´ animation class:

»In brief:
1. Think of something you are angry at.
2. Record a 30 second tirade about the subject.
3. Bring the recording to Animation class...«

»Have courage - the object of the exercise is to look idiotic. Why? Because idiotic characters are interesting.«

»Bring the recording in to class (...). We will play them in class and laugh at each other. The person voted most ridiculous by the group will win a nice cake - supplied by me.«

Sounds easy? It is not. Not at all. It was a very hard assignment for me, really. It´s a very rare experience for me to get angry. But in the end listening to all of the tirades in class was really great fun! Just try yourselves and get angry!

Just one thing which is not so plain to me: Where´s that cake, Felix?

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Hong Kong - Airport

waiting in Hong Kong airport

Finally I received my students card and got access to the computer rooms at RMIT, so here are the first photographs from our trip to Melbourne. This one I took after about 15 hours by train and plane at the airport in Hong Kong where we had to wait another 15 hours for our flight to Melbourne.
By the way, I updated for my semester abroad so I can attach unlimited pictures to each article. There will be more pictures and text whenever an article ends with: "Read the Full Post"

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Déjà Vu

shared accommodation, Melbourne

That´s my new Villa now. A nine students shared accomodation. Not all rooms are filled by now, but the semester just started and soon there should arrive some more people. All are quite nice here, so I really already feel at home. The only problem: there is not a heating here either: »Nachts ist es kälter als draußen« has a meaning here indeed.

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Andreas and Tim on a Melbourne tram

Just a few first impressions about Melbourne. It's a nice and refreshing young city, i.e. there are a lot of young people on the streets. This is hardly surprising as RMIT alone got about 67000 students and it's only one of three big universities. Nevertheless studying at Creative Media is only in small groups. My department is in the city campus. 

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Phil Mulloy animation

And this is the story how everything began, my way to Melbourne. I wrote this for the animation and animation workshop class of Mr. Felix. I am sure that it is not what he expected (or wanted?) me to write, but - to be honest - for me it was the attempt to tell a boring story in a more exciting way. So I just took him at his word: »There is no right or wrong, there is only interesting or uninteresting.« I wonder if he reads this now (Hello Felix!).
The reason for this biblical headline maybe comes from a few animation short films about the ten commandments by Phil Mulloy which I saw on the Melbourne International Film Festival yesterday. Dark British humor, but the characters in the Austrian movie »Hundstage« (dog days) by Ulrich Seidl were much worse.

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Leaving the Villa

My Room in the Villa unter´m Hund

Last Tuesday I finally left the Villa unter´m Hund. Strange, strange feeling ... However, tomorrow I´ll depart to Melbourne for a semester abroad, and that´s what I call a great alternative. I´ll try to inform you on this website. I´ll (already) be back in the middle of January. Good bye so far!

Prüfungszeit hat begonnen!


Exam time in Dornbirn started. This time it´s rather nice - just three exams. Seems that the unpleasant times like the exam week of last semester are over now. However, alot of projects have to be finished. Doesn´t matter. I´m out here soon (strange homepage, huh?). On May 31 I received my student visa from the Australian Embassy. I never thought that I could say this one day about a public authority, but I´m really impressed by the fast processing of my visa. I sent a fax to Berlin on Friday and got my visa mailed on Saturday. Sometimes I wish that local authorities would take a leaf out of this book. By the way, the picture above was taken with my new digital ixus which I bought for my semester abroad in Australia.

Open Sesame: Nugob Meets KeRMIT

»RMIT University is very pleased to offer you a place as an Exchange Student.«
That´s it. That´s what I have been waiting for. Thank you!

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