Now this sounds interesting: Metaplace. Still under development with not much information yet. But the little information that's available for only 2 days now sounds promising. Metaplace is

  • a virtual world platform
  • massive multiplayer out of the box
  • easy to set up
  • heavily customisable for people with programming knowledge (rumours say the programming language is Lua)
  • different virtual worlds can connect
  • based on web technology (low minimum system requirements, even possible for mobile phones)
  • can be implemented into a website
  • different styles: 2d, 3d isometric, 2d, 2.5d heightfields, 3d
  • interaction with the web (such as RSS feeds)
  • created by a team of former Ultima Online developers and others (Raph Koster, ...)
  • etc ...
  • and it's free!

As I am currently working for an educational institution it is just obvious to investigate Metaplace for educational purposes such as distance learning or online components for face-to-face courses - as soon as it is available for the public.

It might beat other systems such as Second Life in terms of the ease of use for the not-so-computer-literate (i.e. the majority of all computer users) and the common problem of minimum system requirements.

It's still all rumors; however, I am looking forward to test this thing.

via this article on BBC news

Here is some more insider information.

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Need Contact Info

Hi any body can give me contact details of pushp Deepak Rana,

I am his old friend and we have done our study togather in india

I will be very thankfull to you.

Posted by Prem Kasera, 16/10/2007 3:15am (14 years ago)

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