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I still like my blog page here for nostalgic reasons, but by now I have pretty much moved most things over here to Google Plus.


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Posted by WilburnDrulp, 17/01/2020 7:18pm (15 mins ago)

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Posted by Dennisamugh, 17/01/2020 3:06pm (4 hours ago)

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Posted by GeorgeHax, 17/01/2020 2:23pm (5 hours ago)

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Posted by Wayneodott, 16/01/2020 11:48pm (20 hours ago)

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Posted by AgedTwitter-Guafe, 16/01/2020 2:24pm (1 day ago)

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Posted by Bobtet, 16/01/2020 6:17am (2 days ago)

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Posted by KRenorhync, 15/01/2020 11:03pm (2 days ago)

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Posted by Jimmymus, 15/01/2020 5:18pm (2 days ago)

Posted by AnnaRein, 15/01/2020 7:00am (3 days ago)

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