Blog is Dead, Long Live!


Welcome to the new face of!

This is my first major update of this website since 2000. is now powered by the Silverstripe Content Management System and Framework and had a complete makeover.

May the old site rest in peace. I still like the previous design, but after 7 years I thought it was time for a change.

Below are a few layouts on my way to the new design. Design 2000 - 2007
The original design before the makeover. I still like it ... but 7 years are a long time Redesign 1
Attempt #1: keeping the original theme, but changing it slightly. I dropped this because I never thought it was nicer than the original. Redesign 2
Attempt #2: Brick Wall and Poster style. It's quite nice, but I doubt it would make another year. I would probably get too sick of it too soon. Redesign 3
Attempt #3: I quite like the shadow idea and I might use this for some other project. For now, however, this is dropped as well. Redesign 4
Attempt #4: Playing some more with shadows while remaining true to the original theme. But again: why changing the theme if the original is still better? Redesign 5
Attempt #5: Houses, Shapes, negative Space. I dropped this pretty soon. Redesign 6
Attempt #6: Black and White with Birds. I really like it, and it would make a good poster or a good design for a text-only website. But I use quite a lot of (colour) images for my blog, which destroys this particular design. I don't want to adjust my images to my design, but the design should be suitable to accommodate any kind of image. Redesign 7

Attempt #7: Similar to the one above, and I even like it a bit more. But again this one would be good for text only; it is not suitable for any kind of colourful multimedia content. Design 2007
So finally I created a more busy yet (hopefully) structured design with some special features.

What next? Well, I hope the new CMS that is really easy to use (try the Silverstripe demo!) will encourage me to post a bit more frequently than just once every 2 or 3 months. I actually have a lot to add to this site, especially with the new gallery module: For example several travels to Australia, Germany, Japan and New Zealand (where I happen to live now for about 2 years), my wedding which is already more than 3 years ago, etc...

My old CMS that I wrote about seven years ago was not very well designed and after a couple of software updates on the server it just refused to work properly: a real pain for a quick weblog post ...

Enough complaining, I am glad to announce the brand new! A million thanks to all Silverstripe developers and supporters!

Watch this space! 

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Hi Anatol,
Congrete for nugob's new look. I like it the smuged prints and noodle box cutout. Yes, a little busy but it interesting to explore. And What is RSS? Is this part of the Silverstripe developers?
Greeting from Melbourne,

Posted by Cisilia, 14/03/2008 4:46pm (14 years ago)

Hei ho, Nugob!
fesches, neues makeup, das du da auf deiner Seite neu aufgetragen hast - nur die rote "fratze" (aus dem Film Psychos Revenge?) schockt "meisterlich".

Posted by Hannes, 17/12/2007 4:58pm (14 years ago)

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