Potatoe Powered Web Server

SpamThe world bates it´s breath! Alternative energy sources with Spud! the first potatoe powered web server. If you prefer some faster techniques (meaning: 4+ browser needed) here are some nice racy sites to klick through. Make your heart beat faster (non-epileptic only):

Kill that cat (need I say more about it?)
moi is moi is moi is moi ...
the grid on boogaholler

And never forget this warning I found on moi: After injecting these drugs, users can experience a rush of pleasure similar to orgasm or electric shock. Appetite is reduced.

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Posted by agdgha, 13/11/2014 6:35am (7 years ago)

how tp find things for a potatoe powered light bulb

I need help with doing a experiment that includes me lighting a light bulb with a potatoe

Posted by Keke, 25/11/2006 2:22am (15 years ago)

how tp find things for a potatoe powered light bulb

I nees help with doin a experiment about 85 percent that is like that

Posted by Keke, 25/11/2006 2:15am (15 years ago)

Patatoe powered light bulb to make a patatoe powered light bulb. to find things for a patatoe powered light bulb.

Posted by Dustin Cassell, 28/02/2003 3:38am (19 years ago)

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