Selling My Soul

It seems that I sold my soul to Google yesterday - on a trial basis. I signed up to Google Apps. I pushed this step for quite a while because I was (and am still) not sure if it is a good idea to have Google handle so much of my stuff, but eventually the comfort of Google Mail and other applications just overpowered my resistance.

The main reason for switching to Google Apps was definitely the webmail system (that I even prefer to a desktop mail application), the huge space that Google provides for each user (currently 5GB+) and the excellent spam filter.

It also provides IMAP (and POP) access, and up to 100 users per domain name can be created for free. Email aliases and emails from other domain names can go into one Google Apps user account (e.g. if you happen to administer several domain names or email addresses). I now use just one login for a whole range of email addresses and can send out emails with each of these without switching the user. On top of that you can use Google Calendar and Google Docs and a few other in my opinion less useful applications or you can disable what you don't need.

To switch to Google Apps you need to be able to change the DNS MX entry of your domain and - if you want a nicer address for your webmail/calendar/documents such as - you may want to add a DNS CNAME entry (and as you are at it you may also add a DNS SPF TXT entry.).

I am still trialling Google Apps, but so far I am very happy about it (even though some subconscious part of me still screams blue murder). We will see.

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