Tea Time


Brrrr. As cold as it is you either start knitting a warm scarf and go out to toboggan or you keep inside. Maybe my video advice for long winter nights will help:

Magnolia - a great film by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights) about chance, sin and forgiveness with great camera and strong use of sound. Most people I told about it said that they would not like to watch it because they don´t like Tom Cruise. Don´t misjudge this. It´s a perfect role for him. The film reminds of Robert Altman´s Short Cuts.

Wonder Boys - a writer (and professor) with a writer´s block who succeeds to make the chancellor´s wife pregnant, who is involved in the killing of her dog, the vanishing of Marilyn Monroes jacket, the homo-erotic urges of a student, a few more things and who attempts to find out or hesitate the solution of his problems by pot smoking.

Memento - a film about a man without shorttime memory who seeks for revenge for his wife´s dead. It´s an interesting plot structure: The film starts with the last scene on the timeline going backwards in blocks (interrupted by short forward-playing scenes), so that only the last scene (so the first scene in time) shows the truth.

I Kina spiser de hunde - in china they eat dogs by Lasse Spang Olsen: the perfect looser who wants to make things right but provokes one catastrophe after another ending with a dogma-like scene.

Una pura formalità by Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso, Malèna), nearly a two-person play (like Der Totmacher) with a suspect (Gérard Depardieu) who affirms to be the writer Onoff and an inspector (Roman Polanski) who wants to find a murderer. Cathegory: Surreal.

Nice vector and pixel art to look at on quickhoney and a nice magazine to click through : tigermagazine (see image).

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