The Lone Cyclist

Mr. Felix and the Green Gibbon»With my life a smoking ash-heap, I left Australia in July 2004 resolved to ride until I found a reason to live again - the lost divine spark.«

- Mr. Felix

And he is still pedalling.

If you ever have some time available (yes, you do!), it's very rewarding to read through Mr. Felix' weblog.

An excerpt:

»On his search, Mr Felix has ridden through Hell, died in the bathroom, been visited by the Ghosts of Lovers Past, fallen down a mineshaft and most surprising of all, found the Green Gibbon. It?s now 5 in the morning, and he?s on the roof of his hotel in Narayanghat, taking a tea break and thinking about how all of this started.«

Curious? Same here! Read on ...

Cheers Felix! May the wind be at your back, mate! And may the spark go off one day.

Say hello to Mr. Pumpy.

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