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I hardly ever play Flash games, but this one got me hooked: Cyclomaniacs

The gameplay couldn't be simpler: cycle, jump and spin. You get extra boost for stunts (sommersaults and wheelies), access to new levels and cyclists if you accomplish special goals (finish in 60 seconds, do 3 forward sommersaults, etc...) and with price money you can buy speed, acceleration, spin etc... Overall there are 20 cyclists on different bikes and all of them behave differently and are more or less suitable for each of the 26 different tracks.

And in a strange way one of the cyclists, Farty Pants, strongly reminds me of my former animation teacher Mr. Felix – now out and about for the last 6 years or so cycling Southeast Asia.

Here is a little Making of... from the developers of the game.

Highly recommended, especially if you actually have tons of more important things on your plate!

Love, Hate and In-Between

"Hate is an interesting thing - it drives us as much as love, although in this beige world of ours it’s more Poodle to talk about aversion, viz.;

Person 1: I say, chap, I’m feeling a strong aversion to having my personal boundaries penetrated forcibly by your good self!
Person 2: Thanks for sharing."

– Mr. Felix in The Hall of the Mountain King pt. 4

As always: delightful and painful, funny yet disturbing, fact and fancy. There were quite a few updates recently on Mr. Felix' blog: At the Back of the Green Gibbon (AKA, AKA Pak Peelips).

Reading it always makes me feel to just drop everything, abandon everyone and go on a long journey, avoiding to define a clear destination. The journey is the reward. At the same time, however, it makes me appreciate everything I have and do and cherish everyone I value in my life. In other words: it confuses me in a very entertaining way, entertains me in a very confusing way and goes so far as to make me face myself, evaluate my life and accomplishments and either question or affirm my future plans. What else could I expect of good literature? Thank you, Felix!

If that blog should ever become a book, may I suggest this title: Pak Peelips "New Records of a Floating Life".

The Lone Cyclist

Mr. Felix and the Green Gibbon»With my life a smoking ash-heap, I left Australia in July 2004 resolved to ride until I found a reason to live again - the lost divine spark.«

- Mr. Felix

And he is still pedalling.

If you ever have some time available (yes, you do!), it's very rewarding to read through Mr. Felix' weblog.

An excerpt:

»On his search, Mr Felix has ridden through Hell, died in the bathroom, been visited by the Ghosts of Lovers Past, fallen down a mineshaft and most surprising of all, found the Green Gibbon. It?s now 5 in the morning, and he?s on the roof of his hotel in Narayanghat, taking a tea break and thinking about how all of this started.«

Curious? Same here! Read on ...

Cheers Felix! May the wind be at your back, mate! And may the spark go off one day.

Say hello to Mr. Pumpy.

My Spoon is Too Big.

Don Hertzfeldt: Rejected

Have a look at bitterfilms, the website of animator Don Hertzfeldt. I saw the films "Billy´s Balloon" and "Rejected" some time ago. Amazingly funny stuff. Very inspiring. And I really love that stickfigure style. It doesn´t need more. The stories are pretty much not on that deep and meaningful side. Which is great. To say it in Felix´ words: »Get rid of that little voice saying that you are so smart. Be dumb!«

The Robbery

The Robbery, animation

This is the protagonist of my new animation »The Robbery«. Handdrawn again, because I prefer the style to vector graphics. It was the major project here during my stay at Creative Media, RMIT university, Melbourne. The originally planned 2 1/2 minutes grew to a 5 1/2 minutes epos, however, I enjoyed the work - although, as usual, I guess I can´t see it any more for the next few months. If I got the muse then I´d like to change the voices which I am not so happy with - but I just didn´t have enough time left to do so before the due date.

Thanks to Moira Corby, Aaron McLoughlin and Felix Hude (whose advice to "drop every concept which is deep and meaningful" had quite a big influence on this work).

So, please enjoy: »The Robbery«

By the way, I shrinked the filesize of my first animation, Café IMPERIAL to much nicer 10 MB instead of the more than 20 MB before. No quality loss.

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Tirez Sur le Cycliste

Hey! This is fun!»The condoms in Asia are made smaller than in the West - a fact. If you are German, American, Canadian, Dutch or Australian take a supply from home if you think you'll need 'em. If you're English the local brand will probably fit fine.«

Mr. Pumpy hit the road again in South East Asia. Let´s see what he will tell - he should be back in Australia since yesterday. This time, too, he decided to go with his 'long lasting' cycling partner Mr. Felix.


Café IMPERIAL: animation

I finished my first (handdrawn) animation in November 2002 at Creative Media, RMIT university.
Special thanks to Felix Hude.

The story in brief: An ignoring waiter and an unfriendly customer is enough to make a situation delicious.

Now you can watch Café IMPERIAL online.

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I am Angry!

Mr. FelixThis is the title of the exercise for Felix´ animation class:

»In brief:
1. Think of something you are angry at.
2. Record a 30 second tirade about the subject.
3. Bring the recording to Animation class...«

»Have courage - the object of the exercise is to look idiotic. Why? Because idiotic characters are interesting.«

»Bring the recording in to class (...). We will play them in class and laugh at each other. The person voted most ridiculous by the group will win a nice cake - supplied by me.«

Sounds easy? It is not. Not at all. It was a very hard assignment for me, really. It´s a very rare experience for me to get angry. But in the end listening to all of the tirades in class was really great fun! Just try yourselves and get angry!

Just one thing which is not so plain to me: Where´s that cake, Felix?

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