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Fresh as Paint

Art FactoryFinally is rewritten and online. New features: You can now comment my articles as well as the guestbook entries. Furthermore I added an archive and a linklist (which will be filled little by little).
Another new feature is the artfactory, a combination of html, javascript, php and mysql. Create your own artwork, save it and send it as a greeting card. Just have a look!

Potatoe Powered Web Server

SpamThe world bates it´s breath! Alternative energy sources with Spud! the first potatoe powered web server. If you prefer some faster techniques (meaning: 4+ browser needed) here are some nice racy sites to klick through. Make your heart beat faster (non-epileptic only):

Kill that cat (need I say more about it?)
moi is moi is moi is moi ...
the grid on boogaholler

And never forget this warning I found on moi: After injecting these drugs, users can experience a rush of pleasure similar to orgasm or electric shock. Appetite is reduced.

Der Milka Effekt

law of dissonance

Why do you read this? You were attrackted by the elephant, am I right? This elephant represents the law of dissonance. In other words: contents which are contradictory to expectations are one way to attract attention. Did you realize, that you noticed "attract attention" before you read this text? These are no new perceptions, but specially the internet demonstrates in a gigantic variety how to make mistakes in attracting attention of the viewer. If everything is "most important" and eye-catching this only supports confusion. (read more on kommdesign)

Jesus brauchte auch keine Anabolika!

Put on your solar eclipse sunglasses and take the risk to look at the Christen Front Jugendabteilung. In fact this site is only for young and healthy people. Be warned: If you have problems with your heart functions you should abstain from visiting this site. You will experience a colour shower you will tell your great grandchildren. When your eyes got used to the illumination you should concentrate your attention to the content by these brave young boys and girls. Very touching.

Hot Air - this is really very self-ironical - even though unintentional. There are a lot of bad sites in the internet but this one claims to be professional! "Gut ist uns nicht gut genug, wenn es um neue Ideen und Technologien geht, die Webseiten verbessern." Too interesting! How much hot air can there be on one site? How many rules for a working communication can be violated? These guys really should take a look at kommdesign, specially this article. Harassing long flash effects versus content do not show professionality. Und außerdem: Wir haben ja nicht ewig Zeit. (link via

Warning - This Episode Contains Some Pixel Nudity

Pixel NudityI found some nice pixel people episodes on neopod. Actually I was following a link that I got from Timothy (thanks!). Surfstation is a really great site with daily fresh and interesting links to good designed websites + + + plus the possibility to publish your own pictures, animations, fonts, songs and other stuff. I don´t need to mention that the design of surfstation is excellent as well. Another link led me to some fine pixel fonts on cubadust. Parental advisory: it´s easy to spend a long time on this site. There are tons of great links on surfstation, so just visit this page. A final broad hint: take a look at simian.

Was sich bewegt könnte uns fressen

I found some interesting articles about webdesign and psychology on Did you know why animations are really bad? Or how your body reacts on colours? No? Why not try it?
This is an interesting page full of texts and facts which are nice to read and where you are often surprised when you test yourself.

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