Win a Chance to Shower with Jesus

Jesus»Young women interested in bathing with Jesus can now have their dream come true. Not only will you make a new friend, but you will be supporting good hygiene and benefiting the environment by conserving water. ...« -

Everything you always wanted to know about Jesus, but were afraid to ask. This Jesus seems to be a nice guy. He is 27 years old, single, nonsmoker, has a fulltime job (I always knew it!), lives in Northern Virginia, USA, and is well-known in the whole world. Ladies, don´t waste your time!

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Jesus got a new address!

Seems like he moved to . I wonder if the guys who now own really payed that one million bucks to get the url or if they just sued Jesus? Well, lord only knows ...

Posted by Anatol, 22/02/2005 5:25pm (17 years ago)

I luv Jesus

I would luv to bum jesus coz I am a dirty smelly puff who fucks David Anderson in his big fat ass. I luv to have three ways with Fat Dave and Fat Carl Briggs coz he is a fat tosser aswell. I like getting squashed between them in a massive fat gay orgy. But I want to bum jesus aswell because I am sick of fucking fat people!

Daz 4 Jesus 4eva xxx

Posted by Darren Massam, 07/05/2004 2:30pm (18 years ago)

I am fat

I want to shower with jesus because i am a bummer, i am really fat and i want to shag jesus in his fine ass and squirt my juices in his face coz im a big fat bummer!!!
luv dave xxxx

Posted by david anderson, 02/04/2004 12:13pm (18 years ago)

Adam Burlinson

I want to bathe with jesus cos i luv him and he luvs me (mwah) love adam!!

Posted by Anonymous, 02/04/2004 12:13pm (18 years ago)

some ought to wash the dirty hippy shit.

Posted by loony yank, 07/12/2003 4:52pm (18 years ago)

i love jesus

Oh! I would LOVE to bathe with my good friend, Jesus. *muah*

Posted by Sister Rosella Summe, 02/10/2003 9:25pm (18 years ago)

Jesus is a lovely man

I really love Jesus in a religious kind of way, i would love to bathe with him, actually it would be an honour. So i could see his man tackle in the water. I want to stroke his manly beard and rub where his nails used to be, I would love to squirt my man juice in his hairy face and bum him all over bethlehem, To be honest forget the bathing cos I am allergic to water anyway, please just let me win the competition and stroke Jesus' fine ass. Just check out his ass in that fine cloak I swear it's better than any Jennifer Lopez shite, please let me win the competition because I want the son of God to sit on my face.
love Kev x x x x x x x

Posted by Kev Armstrong, 30/09/2003 3:54pm (18 years ago)

I want to bathe with Jesus

hello my name is Daniel Fullard, it has always been my dream to bathe with Jesus, I would love to be in the bath with the great man himself. I am serious I want to bathe with Jesus and if you stand in my way then I will set up my own religion of devil worshiping sheep fuckers, and I will travel the land and slaughter millions of innocent sheep dogs, yours faithfully
Daniel Fullard

Posted by Daniel Fullard, 30/09/2003 2:12pm (18 years ago)

I would love to bathe with jesus!!!

oh my god i freaking love jesus. I love him in hell.
i would really like to take jesues to hell by drowing him in the shower.

Posted by big poppa, 28/05/2002 7:47pm (20 years ago)

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