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Photo Overdose

Abel Tasman National Park
Kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park on the New Zealand South Island, just a one-hour drive from Nelson, my home town in 2006.

Get your photo overdose right here on! I love the Silverstripe photo gallery module! I could finally upload a large amount of photos from the last 5 years to the new gallery section on this website in no time: about 500 photos in 19 galleries.

I know this is complete overkill, so below is a small(ish) selection.

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Magister Nugob


Now comes to an end what started about four years ago: On Wednesday, September 22nd 2004, I had my final exam at uni, that is the presentation of my diploma thesis, it´s plea and the two courses »Human Machine Interface« and »Project Management«.

My diploma thesis is called »RALPH«. To be more precise, it is a »Manual for Character and Story Development with a Guideline for the Realization as Animation«. The bad news: it´s only in German. You can download RALPH in a printerfriendly version (low-res pictures only to keep the filesize at handy 1.3 MB).

That´s all for now, although I really have to update this page. So much happened: What about the wedding of Yuki and me? My holiday in Tokyo? My latest animation? My conclusion of four years of studies in Austria and Australia? What will happen next? All those questions will be answered soon, but I don´t have the time right now.

Stay tuned.

Eat Drink Man Woman

Leonie and I

Having arrived from Australia life in Europe became a wedding marathon - so Yuki and me, we saw a lot within one month. Stop. Step by step:

The first week in Munich was rather slow and less sensational as it really took a whole week to get over the jetlag.

After that we were able to look around in Munich a little bit before we went on our way to Berlin for the two main reasons: first to finally meet my niece Leonie who was born in November last year while I was in Australia, and second ...

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Two Trips in Wintertime

Grampians National Park

approaching the Grampians National Park

Yuki and me went to Adelaide for four days. It is a very nice city in South Australia, about 10 hours by bus from Melbourne. The city is very calm, with a lot of green. There are some really nice vineries in the area around. If Melbourne is relaxed compared to Sydney, Adelaide really is slow - people have time and are probably the most friendly type of people in all places I have been visiting so far here in Australia. I forgot to bring my camera so there are no pictures now.

Some weeks ago I went to the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians again. Pretty much the same route, but in three instead of five days. Although it is winter here we once again had a very nice time.

Going Home: Wurst-Origami für Deutschland!

Yuki and I

From 20th of August we, that is Yuki and me, are on our way to Germany via Melbourne-Singapore-Frankfurt-Munich and will arrive some time in the morning of the 21st, probably facing a nice jetlag.

For everyone who is interested in how Japanese and German culture works in combination I recommend you warmly this do-it-yourself Wurst-Origami crash course. Have fun!

To everyone I know here in Australia thank you very much - it was a great great year since I arrived on July 18th 2002! I hope we will meet sometime somewhere in the world. If you are going to come to Germany, or let´s say Europe, just let me know and we can catch up. You are all most welcome.

To everyone »back there at home«: I am looking very much forward to meet you again very soon and to enjoy the rest of the summer with you! As soon as we recovered from the flight you will probably meet us in the beergarden or at a lake or somewhere. So see you soon!


Sydney: Opera House and Harbour Bridge

During the Easter holidays I went to Sydney for about five days (as you can see from the too obvious picture). It was a nice break for my major project which I handed in this Monday, and which was the reason for not logging, calling and writing for quite a while. Sorry for that. Well, so I went to Sydney. Basically, except the standard tour Opera House, Botanical Garden and Harbour Bridge, I concentrated on pubs, and in fact there are a lot of them. My favourite is "The Old Fitzroy Hotel" in Woolloomooloo: very comfortable, includes a small theatre, a great bistro offering delicious laksa - just a very nice and relaxed athmosphere. Unfortunately there´s a rub in it: It closes around twelve which is a shame. It would the perfect place to end an evening.

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Australian East Coast - Part One: Brisbane and the Glasshouse Mountains

Fields Close to the Glasshouse Mountains, Australia

From November 25 to December 24 I was travelling with some friends (Andrea, Andreas, Peter and Tim) along the Australian east coast. We took the greyhound bus from Brisbane up to Cairnes. The stations were: Brisbane - Noosa - Rainbow Beach - Fraser Island - Rainbow Beach - Rockhampton - Airlie Beach - Whitsunday Islands - Airlie Beach - Townsville - Mission Beach - Innisfail - Mission Beach - Cairnes.
We left Melbourne on November 25 to go to Brisbane by plane. There we catched up with our fellow students Andrea and Peter who did their semester abroad in Sydney. The picture above is the landscape around Brisbane on a one-day-trip to the Glasshouse Mountains and the Rainforest there.

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Australian East Coast - Part Two: Fraser Island

Fraser Island: Indian Head

If this is true Fraser Island is the hugest sand island in the world. It's quite close to the land so you get there by ferry in aproximately five minutes. As you probably don´t want to walk the 75 kilometres along the beach you should consider to take a jeep then. We did so and had three great days on the island. 

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